Don't Let Dented Walls Drag Down Your Home's Value

Talk to an expert sheetrock repair handyman in Lodi, CA

Holes, dents and dings in your home's drywall can make your living space look rundown. If you need a sheetrock repair pro in the Lodi, California area, count on Straitline Home Repair.

Arrange for a sheetrock repair appointment today. You're just a phone call away from having brand-new walls.

Drywall Repair Lodi, CA

Delve into your drywall repair and replacement options

Not all drywall is the same. Different types and textures offer a range of features. We offer the following services:

  • Drywall repair
  • Drywall texture updates
  • Lathe and plaster work
  • Green and Purple moisture-resistant drywall for wet areas

Hire a professional handyman service in Lodi, CA to handle all your exterior home improvement needs. Call (209) 662-2385 today.